We are looking for people to sell stuff they have made, edible + non-edible for our day + night market on the 26th + 27th AUGUST.  

Amateurs and veterans welcome. Pitch fee from free, depending on size and experience.




Sunday 19th February 9:30am - 1pm | Followed by lunch and a spring bulb walk

Help out in your 'hood! Join a special Shuffle working group at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, run by The Friends, to plant and preen in the depths of winter so we can all make hay when the sun shines. 

Wear warm clothing for all weathers and suitable footwear. Tools and gloves provided.

All abilities very welcome.
Meet at the Soanes Centre, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Southern Grove, E3 4PX.

Sign up here:

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We Did It!


Together we reached out target of £58,000 to reinvent The Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Lodge along with the Friends Of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and Tower Hamlets Council!

You are all clearly particularly brilliant people who want to see the park (and the little building at the entrance) blossom into all it can be. You did something magical and actually came forward and put your money where your mouth is! 

Many of the first pledgers have won tickets, posters and even some dinners in our yet-to-be-announced (ssshhhhhh!) Treehouse Restaurant. 

We would like to say an extra special thank you to the local businesses who are contributing to the area above and beyond what is required of them and whom also believe in a thriving cultural and community life.

£10,000 Canary Wharf Group (Film Fund)
£10,000 East End Homes + Telford Homes (initial groundworks)
£4,000 QED (projectors + cinema equipment)
£5,000 Framestore
£5,000 Shuffle Festival
£3,000 Second Home (events equipment)
£2,000 Peabody
£2,000 John Thompson + Partners
£1,200 The Friends Of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park
£1,000 Maybach Project
Stod Fold for providing beer at the fundraiser party
Spacehive for being tech whizzes!

Below are a list of rewards for supporters who pledged early or larger amounts:

£20+ Limited Edition Poster:
Rosy Povey, Sam Hughes, Lovisa Lindström, Frances Humber, Victoria O'Sullivan, Sarah Sarkhel, Max Wakefield, Jo Brodie, Steph Fox, Esther Hobbs, Lindsay Fagan, Marissa Ashford, Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, Kate Swade, Natalie Clarke, Debbie So, Alison Berridge, Juan Alfonso Galan, Sasm Bird, Tess Pettinger, Kenneth Greenway, Emma Crouch, Kaz Sim, Catherine Gilson, Cliodhna Murphy, Rob Curry, Kristina Passmore, Sjors Timmer, Ann Hughes, Leo Wood, Thomas Blackmore, Catherine Barter, james bonallack, Margaret Cooney, Keziah Deeks, Cath Carver, Fat Rat Films, Will Davies, Trish Costello, Alice Carey, John Henry Mostyn, Resident Review, Karin Malmberg, Emma Rogers, Martin Donkin, M Omi, Bobby Baker, Jonathan Booth, Louise Kavanagh, Dinah Morley, kate swade, Elizabeth Reynolds, Sophie Persson, Simon E, James Ross-Edwards, Laura Heykoop, Guy Levin, Ali Feilden, Elizabeth Clayton, Susanna Grant, Emma Styles, Vincent Allilaire, Ghislaine Allilaire, Janice Cartwright, David Hardy, Reuben Le Prevost, Ted Maxwell, Jenny Horwell, Corinna And Ringo, Mary Meek, Kate Vaughan Williams, Stephanie Kaul, Alec Taylor, James  Milne, Henrietta Geary, Katerina Bursikova, Andrew West, Roger Wood, Andrew Lawless, Gillian Young, Laura Polazzi, Sophie Barnes, Megan Piper, Betty Bennett, Emma Radcliffe, Hassan Hateley, Hannah Thistlethwaite, Jonnaton Pye-Finch, Loraine Feldman, Maxime Rischard, Mareka Stake, Clare Burgess, Lauren Herlitz, Simon Saint, Amelia Payne, Amy Buchanan-Cook, Andrea Wardrop, Andrew Roberts, Catherine Barter, Chris Park, Emma Cullen, Esther Addley, Francesca Colloca, Gemma Tighe, James Mitchell, Jennifer Dudley, Jessica Seaman, Kim Woodruff, Lovisa Lindstrom, Madeline Evans, Madeline Rees, Mark Gould, Melanie Teff, Rachel Joyce, Richard Wilkinson, Rosalind Jeffcoat, Rosanne Gezelius, Ruth Barnett, Sasha Brown, Shan NG, Susanne Herbst, Taryn Courland, Thomas Blackmore, Tim Crane, Tim Gerken, Vivienne Martin, Martin Bell, Will Jones.

£50 Two Pre-Release Tickets to Shuffle Festival (first 20 pledges only):
Tower Learning Limited, Paul French, Chris Donnelly, Jan Pearson, Jonathan Freeagrd Architects, Dickon Waring, Louise Alexander, Kate Mills, Ros Stephenson, Dave Smith, Tilly Munro, Martin Donkin, Sophie Cubbon, Matthew Brown, Eoin Commane, Sibel Keefe, Tim Segaller, Lisa Orlov, Clare Harrisson, Igloo Regeneration.

£100 Signed Limited Edition Poster: 
Bridget Bradshaw, Piero Grandinetti, Nancy Mackeith, Neville White, Vicki Garner, Deidre Daish, Guy Salter, Gail Stevens, Ghent University AMRP, Angus Wood, Sophie Timson, Natalia Langlais, Gordon Banner, Babel festival, Vanni Bianconi, Amanda O'Donovan, Zarina Chaudhry, Civic Studio, Liebreich Foundation, Martin Donkin, Grace Boyle, Chris McClelland, Peter Simister, Duncan Clark, Miles Frost, Ben Mactiernan.

£250 Tour of The Cemetery Park + Dinner for Two in the Shuffle Restaurant + 2 festival Tickets:
Susan Liebeschuetz, Ned Cranborne, John Stanton-Ife.

£500 - Full 9-Day Festival Pass for You and a Guest:
Tim Oliver, The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Tall Daughter Crafts, Helen Hamilton, Susan Kohlen.



re:Kreators Network, The Netherlands

Last month Kate and I were invited to the ‘re:Kreators Kick-Off’ in Rotterdam and Amsterdam to meet similar organisations from Bucharest, Budapest, Berlin and Bordeaux and to build on a European network for city-makers and public developers. re:Kreators was started last year by Moerchenpark (Berlin), Stipo (Rotterdam) and the Pakhuis de Zwijger (Amsterdam), with support from the Dutch Ministry. This year the three-day event was hosted by Stipo, at their base in ZoHo. Stipo are working with housing association Havensteder, to populate empty office buildings with creative communities after redevelopment master-plans were abandoned during the recession.

On the first evening each Re:Kreator organisation presented their project at a public meeting with 80 city professionals. Over the following days we worked out our strengths, similarities and difficulties and compiled a manifesto for the re:Kreator network (below). We explored Rotterdam and Amsterdam by foot, boat, bike, tram, bus and train, inspired by generous public space, rich architectural history and forward-thinking initiatives such as Feltmakers, De Viltmannen, The Food Curators, and houseboats on dry land at De Ceuvel, Amsterdam. As re:Kreators we hope to build a network to legitimise development that is centred around people rather than large-budgets and master-planning as well as championing experimental, temporary and slow urban development.

Since we returned to London we have had visits from new friends at The Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning,  University of Gent, and have two film and production volunteers joining us from Amsterdam and Bordeaux this summer.

Check out the event video made by Gergö Hevesi from Stipo:

re:Kreators Manifesto:

A European platform for city makers and public developers

1. We believe in a way of living in the city that is interesting, affordable and just. We create thoughtful places with care. We create values: money, social, welfare and artistic.

2. We generate diverse ownership - mentally, emotionally and legally; diverse groups feel at home in and feel ownership over our places.

3. We create places that lift everyone’s spirits, and drive people beyond what they would normally come across. Our places are open, inclusive and brilliant.

4. We look for true change. We are not interested in just pop-up, get people’s hopes up and leave. We use the existing energy, build on existing quality, structures and re:kreate by smooth transition.

5. We take a step beyond bottom-up or top-down: we build partnerships between these worlds.


Meet us at the Cemetery Gates!

Shuffle have teamed up with the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to launch a crowd-funding campaign to restore and re-invent the Lodge. Together with Ken and co, who manage the park and all its residents dead and alive, we've hatched a plan and (as usual) it requires you Shufflers, Bat Enthusiasts, Cemetery Park Wonderers and Maestros of Mile End to come with us! 

Last winter we were listening to Richard Wilson and Brian Cox read christmas stories at Winter Shuffle...........

This year the Shuffle team made its home in the empty cemetery park lodge alongside artists and good people wrapping Christmas presents to give to children who don't have much.

We're building a brand new extension to the existing building to open it up as a cafe and workshop space for all to use, as well as launching a collaborative design process which will compliment the architecture of the existing building.

Following the invention of the internet it became clear people could do whatever they wanted if they all worked together. A couple of years later (probably more like 20) crowd-funding became a thing.

And now we have one damn good idea and a great website, Spacehive, that means you can build it with us. By pledging you are part of the project.

If you've been to Shuffle and enjoyed yourself, this is moment to set in stone that unique feeling that comes with making the most of unused spaces.

Pledge here:

We hope to see you at The Lodge next year!

Rethinking Maplin Street


Maplin Street is located next to Mile End Tube-station and could function as the entrance rout to the estates east of the station. Today it is a forgotten street where small-crime and violence is taking place. There is no streetscape furniture or other activation of the street in its current state.
As a first step of developing the street into a pleasant part of the community and create a destination point on Maplin Street, several small projects are suggested to take place this coming spring and summer. 


One of the projects will be to create a large street painting together with the local community, as signal to the surrounding residents that improvements of this street is starting. It will be developed during a number of workshops where we together will create a pattern containing shared stories and ideas. I will be used as a street rug where events will be held to change the pattern of its current use.  Of which one will be The Mile End Mile Long  Hopscotch, which will start and finish here.
In parallel to the street painting there will be an invasion of sunflowers and we will be building additions to the existing low brick wall to create seating, tables and informal play possibilities.